Sorry~ I need some help please ;o;

posted on 15 Jun 2009 20:41 by jika-jika in ART

I thinking about made Doujinshi and key chain set to sell on exteen (I have some problem that make me can't go to any bad T__T)


First...I want to know something like these good enough to sell (key chain)


Umm...I have more if you can find them in my gallery XD;; Deviantart

I want to ask you much should I charge for 1 key chain? I have no idea about price in Thailand XD;;; I'm just sold them online and sell for US >.> Nevery try on Thai Bath before XD;;


And...Where can I publish Doujinshi? XD;; much? I mean, I want to know some price range of it.


Anyway...ummm last question LOL How much for Doujinshi?


Thank you so much for help *whee*


P.s. If you can find that, I forget to draw someone, let me know LOL (After you check in my Deviant XDD I have some more there) At lease, I forget to draw reborn LOL

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I don't good at english. (_ _)

General price for 1 key chain is 20 Bath. <<<
You can contact to fast-books for publish doujinshi.

You ask, How much for doujinshi? ... Umm.. depending on your famous and doujinshi to be interesting.

I think answer for you, but I don't have to skill correct grammar for write.

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