[BFII]Bikini Fever-II: Floral Farenheit Again~ XD

posted on 19 Mar 2009 15:36 by jika-jika in ART

Hehe~ Again XDD I do it again cause I still enjoy draw girl with bikini now LOL I like this version more, I think XD;; 

bikini-2s.png picture by Jika-Jika

For wallpaper size, you can find >> HERE

And this is very very very large size XD >> HERE

 This is thumbnail please~

bikini2-thumb.png image by Jika-Jika 
This one just...LOL I do it after finish that pic XD I'm just thinking about Deviant ID and I want to do something. So...it came out like this LOL You already see, I also use it for head of the blog XD
BTW, hand is too short T___T
This pic name is 赤天魔 (chì tiān mó) It mean, Red Devil XD;; Silly name, ROFL
For bigger, you can find HERE

 Hope you will like my pics~


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background look so real specially the wave
and that girl have pretty face XD

but her skin not smooth
I think it help if U use 40-60 opacity
or ...brigthen the shadow on skin


my Eng is so bad
sad smile

but nice to meet you zì shèng

#3 By เนือย on 2009-03-20 04:51

lol for P'aryinu's comment XDD
yea I still like how you color hair XD

hmm .. I think i'll draw some BF too .. but my problem is .. I can't draw a girl oTL""""

but your girl is awesome XD

#2 By Kid [Naokun] on 2009-03-20 01:59


#1 By ป้าซาบ on 2009-03-19 18:54