[BFII]Bikini Fever - II : Floral Farenheit

posted on 18 Mar 2009 12:01 by jika-jika in ART

I only wanna join this after I see some art on DeviantArt XD;; And...the weather here's very very hot. So, I'm thinking of drawing some thing on beach. At first, I think I will can't join this cause I really can't understand anything in blog. Thai language is so difficult T___T It's too much words and many times, they use same words in difference meaning. So, yes, I can't understand anything XD;; But...well...I already done it anyway cause of help from Aryinu~

For bigger size, you can find >> HERE

And this is thumbnail

Many many thanks for let me join XD And, so many thanks to Sai aka Aryinu for help me~ *luffle*

 Hope you will like my pic~


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Oh It's a beautiful image surprised smile


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nice pic. confused smile

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