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I'm glad that you read my post (or not I dunno)


And, just like what's I think, you are alrady fucking delete my post! WOW!! PRECIOUS!


I said, I don't care if you're going to delete it cause I already capture my comment.


So, now, is that mean, you don't care what's going on with ALL THAI ARTIST? WITH YOUR COUNTRY?


You don't care even everyone going to say 'THAILAND A LAND OF THIEFS' right?


Yes, I don't care to tell this or vilify you. If you don't know, a lots of people from dA waiting to kill you. Someone told me, they really glad to GO TO THAILAND AND GONNA KILL YOU AND CAN FINISH IT IN A SEC!







No worry, i still have my old comment to show to everyone. This one, just maybe you will delete it again and I'm really sure you will.

I want to make sure, all of I post in YOUR (both) blog will not disappear.


Also, this was something I put in my dA  journal,


I've got a link from my friend, [link]

I know you won't understand XD 'Cause it's in Thai language. Me eighter LOL I can't understand all of them, so I ask my friend to told me and make me can understand all of it.

OK, so, first, this is not first time I got link from my friend and see 'RenRen Gang' was what's they talking about.

Let me explain this to all of you,

'RenRen Gang' aka, I will called 'R' was a circle who alway stole 'ART' from deviant, right, I mean you guy's arts and all are fanart to make them as keychain.

Also, stole 'DOUJINSHI' and translate it to Thai language, print and sold them like they're made by them.

The first time I read, I know that it's about fanart that they stole from deviantion and make as keychains and sell in Thai con with a lots of translate doujinshi (that doesn't made by them)

It came to be drama cause of the problem with a shop in Thailand, called, 'Toon Zone' aka, I will call it 'TZ'

'TZ' was a shop that sell manga book and some 'COPY RIGHT' anime stuffs (even we know later that they didn't...I mean not all of them are 'COPY RIGHT' orz...)

So, now, it's happen cause the found 'R' sold goodie items (doujinshi and keychain)and they said, 'R' can't (seriously, I never saw this stupid case like...doujin shi was wrong, out goodie stuffs was wrong before. Everone know, all manga and anime cn be popular cause of them) 'Til this, I think 'R' was right, everyone come and cheerup her.

Until, one person get in and said 'R' items wasn't made by themself. All of them are stolen from deviantart.


And, a person (Thai girl) who's on dA and know where's that fanart from (it's Kuro shitsuji chibi fanart. Let me search for it for a while. I'm not sure about image) send note to artist who made it. She said something like, it's fine, she will try to forget it and hope they will not do that again.

So, 'R' said, they will not but ther broke their word,

Today, I read the link above (I mean, my friend told me about that LOL)

They did it again 'WOW! HOLY COW!!'

This time, they stole papercraft from :icondesubunny: to print and sale for 20 bath Thai? (I'm not sure about price srry)

*20 bath Thai was around 0.6 usd

So, :iconzanael: send note to ask her, did she sell this or let someone edit it for sale or not but she doesn't (you can see in desubunny's journal)

Until now, 'R' still don't answer anything.

So, what's I want to tell you guys is,

1. if you do any fanart, it will be better if you put watermark in. I aleady use dA watermark to put on my art now. careful XD
2. You don't know who's get in and see your deviant D= Since it's big community... i can say, I can't trust anyone now D=
3. This is IMPORTANT ;v;

I HAVE THAI FRIENDS ;v; A lots of them are artist. It doesn't mean, all of Thai people will be art thief. I know what's 'R' do was really bad. It's so bad...but it's not good if you ask everyone 'DO YOU COPY THIS FROM ANOTHER ARTIST?' or 'DO YOU STOLE THEM FROM ANOTHER ARTIST?'

It's pain D= I mean, if you make them by self but someone said like you're art thief, you copy it, you stole it. So, please, no everyone will be bad D= Like I said, I have Thai friend and they're nice. I don't want they feel don't want to update their work on dA anymore.

You can found that, a lots of Thai artist are amazing XD I think it's not good to see they change their country to be another even they want to tell, they come from Thailan. Everyone love their country D=

This what's I want to tell.

BTW, I think we can't stop 'R' but we can protect it right? D=



I can't say something STRONGER there since it's not everyone their will know about these.


What's I want to do is, make everyone know, HOW BAD ARE YOU DOING.


So no worry, I bet everyone will know these so soon (and so much pleasure if all of Thai artist going to post something about these in their journal to make sure everyone will read it.


I'm just a evil not a nice person ;9


You must like these comment, RenRen




*six2five 1 day 25 minutes ago HEY YOU ART THIEF~!!:iconomg--plz: Dont you dare stealing our artworks or I'll come to Thailand and kick ur ****!!:iconhardcoreplz:

Hehee~!!:XD: That should scare them a bit!! (I hope!! =_= ):iconlolwhutplz:If they steal again, tell me!!I can finish them in a second!!:iconbathlaplz:





~chinese-rocks94 7 hours 23 minutes ago DDDX
oh phooey and my dad said we'd be going to thailand this summer... LOL.



I'm not so much popular on dA. So, I didn't get much comment and not much people will read my journal. That's bad. I really want everyone on dA know these ;9


So, these, to make sure EVERYONE WILL NOT LOST MY COMMENT (on your blogs)


Click on the thumb to see large one. I know you want to ;9

Bookmark set ready to sell <3 and TRADE CHRISTMAS CARD WITH ME?

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Never update anything here like age XD;


Hai for everyone! x3


Well...someone already saw then in comic con in Thailand but I never saw them 'til few days before *feel reallyexcyting*


So, it's now reade for sell <3


25 Thai bath for 1 bookmark (size was around 2 x 9.6 inches)

30 bath for shipping (certified mail) or 50 bath for EMS



You can transfer them into my friend's Thai bank account or cask by send me mail (but I will not assumethat if it's lost, sorry ;A;)


I'm not promise that you will see them in any con again or not. I mean, I'm not sure that my friend want to go to con and sell them for me or not XD;


Click on pic if you wish to see bigger size.


Yoko from TTGL


 Kurshitsuji set

Vocaloid set

 Pandora Hearts


If you want to buy, just comment in here for which one you want and you name, address to send to and e-mail =DI will mail you about bank account =3


 Also, if any of you guys interest to trade Christmas card with me, please let me know ;A; I would love to tradecards with all of you ;v;